13 January, 2019

Totton U3A

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Thank you for your interest in the Totton University of the Third Age group. We meet on the second Wednesday afternoon of the month from 1.45-4pm at the Eling Masonic Hall, Lexby Road, Totton, SO40 9HD.

Generally at each monthly meeting we have a speaker and members are brought up to date with group activities and can opt in to activities/new groups. We currently have groups for Walking, Theatre, Bird Watching, Lunch Club, Genealogy,  Book Appreciation, History, Craft,  Art, Philosophy, Church Visits and Wine Tasting. Annual Membership/joining fee is £10. Extra costs would be for refreshments and any costs incurred from the activity egi theatre tickets. Members are encouraged to think about hosting an interest group in their home and sharing any skill or hobby they have with other members.It is a very friendly group and membership is growing all the time. Visitors can come along for two monthly meetings paying £2 per entrance fee before deciding if they wish to join.If you would like any more information, contact the secretary,  
Caryl McCullough.80813886 or Mandmcarylian@me.com
We look forward to meeting you. 
Annual subscription just £12.


Carol Watson my view of Winchester

At our January 2019 meeting we welcomed Carol Watson who talked about “My view of Winchester”.

She started off with the usual views of Winchester with all the glorious  panorama of daffodils   all over the City which is always a lovely
splendid site.  Carol then went on very cleverly to  develop  this theme with views  all over the city of nature at its best throughout the year.

It was certainly an eye opener to me of  all the different plants ,bushes and trees that thrive in Winchester, some of which I would not have
believed possible-given the sometimes harsh weather conditions we get , especially in Spring when plants are just starting to develop and grow
for our benefit.

I think now that when next I visit Winchester I will explore away from the city centre to find these treasurers of nature.
Carol gave a very good talk and our grateful thanks  go to her from all of us.

Michael Page.

Liz Barron 
talking about following her Grand fathers footsteps on a tour of China. 

Paul Stickler
The girl on a Green Bicycle 
Historical Murder Mystery
Good turnout of members came to hear about the Green Bicycle murder most foul as they described the dark deeds in those days. The suspect got found not guilty but we were privy to information that they were not. He was known as a child molester and the owner of a small calibre as well as a .45 pistol. I would have agreed with the verdict but not when I heard all the evidence.  He lived the rest of his life crime free I assume and married, no mention of children, dying in the seventies.

Hazel Wilson
Undercover Agent

Robert Smith   
Blood Bikes

Colin Lewis      
Calshot Tower and the National Coastwatch Institution

photo inside the Calshot Ops RoomCalshot Spit is a one-mile long sand and shingle bank at the seaward end of Southampton Water. On the spit at its far end are Calshot Castle built by Henry VIII and now owned by English Heritage, The former RAF base now Calshot Activities Centre, the RNLI lifeboat station, and adjoining that the tower lookout occupied by Calshot NCI.
The tower is owned by ABP and was built in 1973 as part of the Southampton VTS radar chain. It served as a Coastguard lookout from1974 until the 1990s and was opened as an NCI station in July 2010.

The lookout viewing platform is approximately 100 feet above sea level and has a 360° view over Southampton Water and the Solent with a horizon distance of 11 nautical miles


Alison Bailey    
Canine Partners Amazing 
Dogs Transforming Lives
Canine Partners is a registered charity that transforms the lives of people with physical disabilities by partnering them with assistance dogs. The amazing dogs bring a greater independence and quality of life to their partners, offering security, companionship, and practical help with everyday household tasks.

Philippa Drew   
Weather Presenter

Excellent talk by Phillipa Drew, Meridian weather forecaster.
Interesting personal story how from a early age her one ambition was to be a weather forecaster. 
Good attendance of members who enjoyed a mid summer cream tea

John Combes    
Wildlife Photographer on Holiday
John has been interested in nature and photography for over 30years. A business studies lecturer for 31 years, but after early retirement he is now self-employed as a wildlife photographer and lecturer concentrating on giving presentations to local clubs and societies and running photographic workshops/courses.  He also does his own wildlife sound recording and music production as part of his presentations

Barry Peck       
The Light beneath the Waves


 Janet Davis       
Move over J K Rowling, 
It's Totton's J K Davis
Janet K Davis was born in Hammersmith, London. She grew up disliking school and became a challenging pupil to manage. However, as she matured, this negative experience promoted a desire to teach and she achieved a Bachelor of Education degree at Bognor Regis College.

Janet’s natural creative talent and intuitive understanding of behavioural diļ¬ƒculties made her a popular and successful teacher. Today she lives on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, enjoys long country walks, playing tennis and supporting the local Romsey Dementia Action Group.

Jane Glennie      
Festive Fables